Thursday, August 21st



Born with the vision of being light & easy—for website creators, and for its developer—Excelsis' development has been guided by certain values, principles, and patterns.  Can you learn our zen from a page?  No.  But if you find anything here that resonates with you, run with it; and may it serve you well.

Project Methodology

Project Values

  • Individuals & Interactions over processes & tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to Change over following a plan

Development Values

  • Ubuntu be human with each other
  • Basic is better
  • Roots matter do it deep
  • Stay nimble Stay light
  • Languages over tools
  • Accessibile: progressive enhancement
  • Honor derives from excellence, not award
  • Harmony i.e. resonance over dissonance
  • Natural over synthetics
  • Simplicity do the 80 omit the 20
  • Unsealed let drivers pop the hood
  • Economy reuse metaphors & abstractions over and over again
  • Integrity be one; internally consistent and integrated
  • Inventive don't fear invented here

Software Architecture Principles

Principles of Software Development